How good are you preparing for the New Horizon?

How good are you preparing for the New Horizon?

The one constant in the universe is change: Climate change, pandemic change, political change, economic change.

There are some fundamental things that will not change. For your business, you need others to grow. You cannot do it alone.

So if you are reading this, it gives me an indication you are still in business, still in the game, trying to learn more and gather knowledge. Congratulations, that is a big accomplishment in this economy, and the last year has offered dozens of hurdles to overcome. Pat yourself on the back!  It is hard work.

With the last changes, it has to do with our overall health, safety, and your most important BUSINESS asset: your people.

See, the funny thing is, people do not mind speaking their opinion, either verbally, or physically.  Verbally, they can tell you what is giving them problems or what is wrong with the organization, the working environment, their boss, or your expectations. Feedback is good!

Or they can tell you physically, by resigning and walking. Most of the time, not so good.

Now the question: with all the changing Landscapes, and new waves of restrictions and mandates, how are you positioned to handle them?

Your organization is unique, and your product or service is special. You are growing, or positioned for growth, but you just can’t find the right professional. Of course, you can’t. For every one you hire, another one resigns. It is not your fault. It is the most unique economy in 100 Years.

You and your staff are not certified experts in finding talent. You are experts in making software, or widgets, or the next great breakthrough. Sure, you have an HR staff or a Recruiting Department. Are they certified experts with experience finding your technical needs?

How much time is wasted, or projects delayed by not having the experts you need? How long does it take to onboard the talent you have? What is it costing you?

How could a change impact you? Your project? Your boss? Your BONUS? The company?

What would it look like to your Shareholders, VC partners, Team, and Customers? What if you did not have to hold up production, losing face to your customers and team, for not having the manpower, the right talent? What if you could hire people that want to stay because they have researched your company and want to join you? Imagine if they saw the gaps you have and are perfectly suited and excited about filling them.

The times are changing. The question is, are you? Will you be left in the dust? Don’t wait for your staff to exit for the company that embraces change.

If you do not know the answers to these questions, or if you would like to have some assistance developing your new sustainable landscape, then give us a call.  We will be happy to ride this wave – and any new ones on the horizon.

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