Recruiting Concierge

Part time, to Full time

Inviting Individuals with recruiting experience/desire, Excellent Customer Service pedigree, and wizard-like administrative skills, from talent sourcing and screening to Client management, to database management, and social media, and email campaign marketing and management.

A successful candidate will collaborate with C-Level on a regular basis. Background and knowledge in Staffing, recruitment, HR, and Customer Service are advantageous.  Ultimately, the responsibilities of the Recruiting concierge are to ensure our company attracts, hires, and retains the best talent for our clients while growing a strong ethical talent consulting firm.

Your role will be the “Right-hand Man” so to speak.  You will assist/perform administrative, scheduling duties for the principal.  You will educate yourself, on the business, industry, and the niche the company provides.  You will check up on clients and candidates to get updates.  You will be eager to harness your Social Media, and marketing expertise.  You will learn and know all things, about the company. Client status, candidate pipelines, proactivity, forecasting, and attraction are your special weapons.


  • Organize and Manage client portfolio.
  • Prepare recruitment materials and post jobs to appropriate job boards
  • Ability to Source and recruit candidates by using databases, social media, etc
  • Screen candidates’ resumes and job applications.
  • Assess applicants’ relevant knowledge, skills, soft skills, experience, and aptitudes
  • Manage Executive Calendar
  • Monitor, Build and enhance and apply HR recruiting best practices
  • Provide analytical and well documented recruiting reports to Management
  • Act as a point of contact and build influential candidate relationships during the selection process
  • Promote company’s reputation as “Best in Class- Executive Placement”
  • Customer Service mindset and outgoing personality


  • Hands-on experience with various selection processes (phone interviewing, reference check, etc)
  • Ability to stay organized and accurately document processes and databases.
  • Desire and ability to hand Social Media, and marketing tasks.
  • Strong decision-making and inter-personal skills
  • MUST have a SENSE of URGENCY.
  • FUN, must have it, receive it, and create it!

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

  • People-oriented — enjoys interacting with people and working on group projects
  • Adaptable/flexible — enjoy doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction
  • Achievement-oriented — enjoys taking on challenges, even if they might fail
  • Innovative — prefers working in unconventional ways or on tasks that require creativity
  • High stress tolerance — thrives in a high-pressure environment.
  • Wants to Learn, grow

Connecting People for over 25 Years

Our mission is to raise the bar of your hiring process.

We help companies who seek to hire experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science deal with hiring challenges from limited recruiting resources with a proven process specializing in AI/ML software technologies, so unlike vendors that are NOT Experts in AI/ML recruitment, they don’t deal with wasted time and money and can expedite their technology staffing process.

We are the experts in finding geniuses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
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