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Data Scientist- AI/ML Engineer

Job Type: Full Time

Data Scientist- AI/ML Engineer

We are searching for PhD Level Talent in ML or Symbolic AI

Ph.D.-level talent in ML or symbolic AI specifically for NLP. We need computer scientists, computational linguists, and logicians who’ve devoted their careers to NLP. We can’t, for instance, retrain a specialist in computer vision or network anomaly detection.  Also, needed experienced logic programmers, using Prolog.

Technologies We Use

  • Model checking (look for folks with verilog experience)
  • Logic programming (ASP and answer set programming and prolog)
  • Graph dbs (Neo4jRDFSPARQLCypher)
  • Graph neural networks /GNNs
  • Transformers (HuggingFace, Haystack, T5, GPT-2 and GPT-3, BART, BERT, ROBERTa, BigBird)
  • Word Embeddings (Word2Vec, Glove)
  • Frame Semantics (Framenet, Verbnet, Wordnet)
  • Coreference Resolution/Anaphora Resolution
  • Entity Linking
  • Named Entity Recognition/NER
  • Lambda Calculus
  • Combinatory Categorial Grammar/CCGs
  • Dependency parsing algorithms
  • Stanza
  • spaCy



Culturally, we are a team of polymaths devoted to solving non-trivial problems in NLP and AI. We are devoted to getting this technology working for beneficial use cases. Our ultimate goal is to create tutor bots that can help solve the problem of educational access plaguing our little planet, but we are starting with corporate learning as it is a use case where the existing technologies are already good enough for commercialization. Our scientists are committed linguists and philosophers of language, but also working programmers.

It’s a job for true AI geeks and idealists.

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