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Hiring Does Not Need to Be Scary – Part 1

Hiring Does Not Need to Be Scary – Part 1

Hiring Talent is not SCARY. Part 1 – Attraction

As you look at the Labor Market and the Talent pool today – YIKES! It can feel SO very scary, SO competitive!

Fear NOT! We have ways to tackle this Monster.

Depending on your Product, Service, and company size – from 3 people to 300 – we need to look at Who you are and What you offer.

Do people know who your company is? WHY should I work at you company?

You see, the Big GUYS (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Microsoft) can afford to pay life-changing money, 10-50K over market. That is how they got your last employee.

If you are a small firm (under 20 People), are your CEO/FOUNDER, or the Executives are doing the recruiting?

What is your time worth?

Are you spending 20 hours a week finding talent?

Is your team spending this amount of time because you “can’t afford” to hire a Professional?

If you are a bigger firm (20-100+), you may have a recruiting department, yet they have too many openings. They are not technology experts, and they do not KNOW where to find and Attract the Talent you need.

People like to be invited. Is your message inviting? Is your position appealing? Will they listen? Where are you looking?

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