November 11, 2021

Hiring Does Not Need to Be Scary- Part 4

Hiring Does Not Need to Be Scary- Part 4

Posted November 11, 2021
By Peter Heyer

Hiring Talent is not SCARY – Part 4: The Offer!

So, you have narrowed down the candidate pool to your finalists.
You believe you have the one!
The one that matches the Skills.
The one that matches the Culture.
The one that matches the Salary/Commission/Bonus/Benefits.
The one that will work in the Office/Hybrid/Remote.
The one that will accept your policy for masks/vaccines/none of the above.

You know this because you have a process that checks every step.
You are asking the right questions at the Prescreen.
You are asking at the Technical Screening.
You are asking at the Interview(s).
You know what they are Passionate about.
You know their Values.
You know the other companies they are interviewing, and you know what those offers are.
You know what they are making, why they want to leave their current job, so they will not accept a Counteroffer.

You know because you have/are building a rapport with every step, every conversation, every phone call, every email, every interview. You are letting them know they are important, they are valued, they can accomplish their goals. You present the offer like a cherished invitation.

If you do this, they will come. If you have closed every step, then they know what is to come. Make the offer!

ABC = Always Be Closing!

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