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Are You Really Listening? | Why It Matters in Hiring, IT, AI

September 22, 20213 min read

What if someone told you that you’re not a good listener?


I was recently reading Kate Murphy’s book, “You’re Not Listening,” and it got me thinking of so many phone calls, Zoom meetings, Google meets, and conversations where I was passively hearing, but not actively listening.  Did you know there is a difference?

What does all this have to do with Hiring, IT, AI, ML, your organization, and mine?

It starts with you, Mr. or Ms. C-Suite Executive, Manager, director supervisor. Are you truly listening to your managers, staff, HR, recruiting partners, and your customers?

You’re probably thinking, “Of course I have heard them.  I absolutely know how they feel, what they want, and what they need.”

But do you?

In recent studies – from numerous sources including the NY Times,  I continue to encounter a recurring theme.  Management just does not get it.

Employees are saying:

  1. “They do not know how I feel, or how the Pandemic has affected my life.  Why do they insist on coming back to the office when I don’t feel safe?  Why do they mandate Vaccines or Masks?  Or why DON’T they?!”

  2. “I miss the comradery of my teammates.  The many Zoom Meetings, or the once-a-week in-office staff meeting, does not give me the safety, and team building and comradery we need.”

  3. “I am never told why we are always short-staffed on my projects. Why I can’t get the help I need when the work I’m doing is creating incredible profits?”

I have heard these sentiments OVER and OVER for the last 16 months.

Here’s what they might like to say to you, given the chance to write a memo:

Letter to the Leaders

Dear Manager,

I know you set up a staff meeting every week.  I know you ask me how it is going. When I answer, you say, “That is great,” or “I hear you, I will look into it.” I hear you say, “I am here to support you.”  Yet I do not believe you have ever stopped to truly listen to my needs or insights.  You do not know that I have a troubled teen at home, or that my spouse has a problem, or that I did not get the 10-50K salary increase that the new guy got.

If you would only listen.  I have thoughts and ideas that I believe could help.  I joined because I believed the final pitch, that we were making a difference.  I guess that was just sales.   I have listened to you and come to believe you do not care about your #1 asset, your people.  You continue to nod like you know, speak over the people, and remind them of the goal.

I guess I will listen to that other company, who seems to really want me to join them.  They even asked what I would like to do in the first 90-180 days.  How refreshing, for people to listen to me.


Your Loyal, Quite Dedicated Staff


If you would like to assess your staffing situation, book an appointment with Heyer Expectations. We are listening.

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