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Hiring Does Not Need to Be Scary - Part 3

November 10, 20211 min read

Hiring Talent is not SCARY – Part 3: Interviewing

It is the start of the Dating relationship. The prescreen to check the qualifications is where it starts, you are interviewing them, and they certainly are checking you out.

How are you tracking your Candidates or Suspects? What notes are you making? What are the criteria to Screen a Candidate in or out?

You want to make your interview process Seamless, efficient, and memorable, for you and the candidates. From Prescreen, to tech interview to onsite face to face.

You must be prepared, having reviewed the resume, and credentials before the interview, and made your notes. That is how you formulate the questions you want to ask or follow up on from the prescreen or tech interview.

This is the opportunity to build rapport, sell the position, and Company. Bring energy to the interview and have the candidates begging for an offer.

There are ways, to shorten the Interview Cycle, review the tips below.

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