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Hiring Does Not Need to Be Scary - Part 5

November 11, 20211 min read

Hiring Does Not Need to be Scary – Part 5 – Retention!

So, you have heard about the Great Resignation, and the newest development is the BIG QUIT. Of all the employed candidates I speak with, less than 30% are happy with their Job.

Employees have had enough. They are looking for a Work/Life Balance. After working from home during a pandemic, an hour+ commute to any major metro city does not entice. They have figured out how to work from home, care for their families, and be productive. You know it, and so do they.

If you are not taking care of them – with a competitive salary and tangible benefits – they will consider outside opportunities.

Evaluate the truth: do they really need to come into the Office? How often? (Consider Vaccine Mandates, Mask Rules, and Safety Policies.)

Train your employees. Keep your people. Make a difference.

Create a culture of shared and practiced beliefs that inspire behaviors of your people, with a defined Mission, Vision and lead with Listening, LOVE and Empathy.

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