We work with some great companies. Let us join you in your quest for the top talent your company needs and deserves.


Find Your Unicorn

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Hiring may seem daunting, painful, and overwhelming to you. But we are experts with a proven system, process, and follow through, and we will locate the ideal candidate for your organization. We will work our magic to find you the right candidate.


Post a Job

We define a detailed understanding of your need, including the position, skills, culture, and salary needs.



We do all the sourcing, screening, and interviewing. We will present a finalist for you to interview.


Hire the Best

We give you candidates’ details, data, assessments, and insights to allow you to make your selection.

Streamline your hiring process

Get Started

Why Choose Us

Fast Hiring Process

Our size, agility, flexibility, and sense of urgency equip you to quickly make informed decisions.

Low Fees

We know the market. We are fair and competitive with automation and low overhead. We aim to develop trusted partnerships.

Large Talent Pool

We search for the top 15% in the local market, and we are always bringing in new talent. We focus on developers and technologists in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Local & Remote

We are a local company with the flexibility to work remotely with our clients.

25 Years of Experience

We are not new to the market. Our experience is deep, specific, and relevant.

Custom Consulting

We want the best for our clients. With flexibility, knowledge, and experience, we will find the talent you need.

Connecting People for over 25 Years

Our mission is to raise the bar of your hiring process.

We help companies who seek to hire experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science deal with hiring challenges from limited recruiting resources with a proven process specializing in AI/ML software technologies, so unlike vendors that are NOT Experts in AI/ML recruitment, they don’t deal with wasted time and money and can expedite their technology staffing process.

We are the experts in finding geniuses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
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