Heyer Expectations: Professionals in Hiring

Heyer Expectations can meet all of y303-257-9271our executive hiring needs.

Heyer Expectations is a Christian search firm that will urgently find the talent you need within your budget.

With more than twenty years in the corporate world of talent acquisition, we bring the skills of the marketplace to the nonprofit world as we partner with pastors, churches, and parachurch organizations to put the right people in the right places.

Let’s see if I can paint the scenario you’re facing.

You need to hire someone to step into an essential role within your church or organization, and you don’t have time to lose. You may have a Human Resources Department who is skilled with benefits and policies, but they are inexperienced with talent acquisition. You’d love to tap into the resources of a major search firm, but you don’t have within your nonprofit budget the margin to cover the exorbitant fees of such headhunters. Your resources are spread thin, because in addition to finding the people you need to lead your ministry, you’re in the trenches of actual ministry. You’ve posted the position on a couple of nationwide sites in hopes that the candidates will come to you, but now you’re flooded with resumes you don’t have time to read, pressure to find the right person, and no way to know if you’re really on the right track until it’s too late.

So many leaders have voiced this challenge to me, and I’m here to help. I’ve found a way to do it differently, to turn the frustration, labor, and lost hours of hiring into a strategic win to equip your organization with the talent you need.

As CEO of Heyer Expectations, I have more than 25 years in the recruiting industry, acquiring talent for a broad spectrum of industries including aerospace, healthcare, oil and gas, telecommunications, finance, technology, churches, and nonprofits. 

If you’d like the talent acquisition of more than twenty years’ experience, I can help you.

I know how to find the people you need, and I’m ready to support you with integrity, excellence, and affordable search assistance.

Please contact me, and let’s start the conversation.